In Memory of ...

Andrew Barter

December 19, 2013

Andy likes collecting the latest albums, listening to music, and living alone. "Sea Gull" dislikes formal clothes and Mr. Johanson's classes. Plans include traveling and avoiding the draft.

One act Plays 3, 4; Drama Club 4; Rifle Club 2.


Roxanne Belanger

December 20, 1976

"Chick" likes painting, skiiing, windy days, MG's, Saabs. School and waking up are her dislikes. After school roxanne plans to work or travel and then live in a stone house near the ocean.

Swim Team 2; Mohiba 2,3; Bowling 2; Chorus 3; Madrigal Group 3; GAA 2,3.


Fawn Boynton

October 29, 1994

Fawn's hobbies are baskeball, volleyball, and track. She likes to see "Happy People." She dislikes snobby people. Future plans include U. of California and being an airline stewardess. Good Luck, Fawn! You'll steal many a pilot's heart.


Richard Burgess

February 27, 2011

Rick can usually be seen taking laps in his lime green car. His hobbies are fishing, hunting and coin collecting. He likes parties and Boston sports teams. He detests the Giants, Orioles, Montreal Canadians. He plans to study accounting at Husson College.

J.V. Basketball 2, 3; Intramural Basketball 2.


Lynda Burr

February 3, 2005

"Do you remember?" says Lynda. She likes analyzing people, reading, and sewing. Shorthand, people, and being outdoors are more likes. Her one dislike is pushy people. a secretarial career is her future. Lots of Luck, Lynda!

Business Club 3.


Cynthia Davis Crocker

April 25, 2017

"Syd" has a long list of likes, the main one being Jerome. Others are football, pizza, and sewing. Her dislikes are Monday A.M.'s, homework, cliques, parting from friends. Our class "intellectual" plans to attend UMO to become an elementary teacher. Marriage is in the future."

Bowling 4; Volleyball 4; Bible club 3; AFS 3; GAA 4.


Dennis Daigle

June 6, 2007

Dennis often says, "Keep on trucking." His hobbies include going to parties, concerts, the park and the Bridge. He likes driving and just plain living. He dislikes "greasers," graveyards, and people against the Bridge. His wish for the future is happiness.

Stage Tech. Personnel 3; Rifle Club 2.


William Oliver DeBery II

October 10, 2014

"Wee Willie Winkee" describes himself as "what your parents warned you about." His hobbies are plalying the guitar and lighting fires. Bill enjoys a good solid rap session. After graduation he plans to build an A-Frame cottage on a farm in Canada. Later to work with the F.B.I. We're sure he'll succeed.


Virginia Higgins

June 1980

Ginny likes horses, horseback riding, living on a farm, 4-H. She also likes swimming, skating and a certain boy. Ginny hopes to go on to school to study animal science. She later hopes to own a riding stable, get married and live happily. The Class of '72 wishes you the best.


Gail Libby

July 11, 2014

Gay's favorite expression is, "Yea." Her hobbies include knitting and collecting records. She likes music and bowling. Gay's main dislike is cars that won't start. Gay plans to work after graduation and later get married.


Sewall Pearson

March 13, 2009


Raymond Powers

July 29, 1991

"Hey, Tina!" These are "Pow's" favorite words. Where Ray is found Tina is usually found also. "Pow" enjoys skiing, Tina, sailing and Tina. He dislikes Shaw's and the Holiday inn. "Pow" intends to go to college and become an Indian Chief. Good luck, "Pow"!


Ernest Sanford

December 3, 1979

Ernie's hobbies are Joni, stock cars, snowmobiles and sports. But he says not necessarily in that order! He has very profound likes of hot pants, short skirts, everything in that category. Ernie doesn't like to work! He plans to attend a Jr. College and become a sales man. Good Luck, Ernie!

Automotive Shop 2,3.


Suzanne Thompson

January 2, 2003


Christopher Vachon

September 9, 2015

"Kit," our class disk jockey, is very quiet but nothing gets by him. "Same to you, fella" is his favorite expression. He loves scuba diving and sailing and has a passion for making and spending money. He would like to go on to college at U. of M. or perhaps Bowdoin. Luck to you, Chris, from the class of "72."


Richard Weston

June 13, 1971


Greg Holmes

June 3, 2017

If you hear, "What's happening?", it would only be Greg looking for a party. Our carrot-top Casanova lists skiing, drinking, traveling, having a good time as his hobbies. "Homely" likes Big Macs but dislikes "raggey" girls. After college he plans to be a pharmacist, a hard pill to swallow but he'll succeed.


(Middle School Picture)

Alana Whitmer

February 2, 2002


Ardenne Haines

April 26, 2019

Jeffrey Thayer

April 21, 2019